8 main reasons why you shouldn’t go to Hungary!

There are numerous reasoned explanations why Hungary is certainly not well well well worth visiting, but there is however not room enough them here for me to list all of. Therefore let’s simply start to see the top 8 main reasons why you shouldn’t go to Hungary.

1) reasons why you should never ever go to Hungary – It offers the ugliest, most capital that is boring the planet

Obviously. simply consider some photos of Budapest. It’s disgusting, is not it? Specially through the night. And you may just do boring things here such as for instance planning to stupid concerts, ridiculous exchibitons and events that are cultural. After all, whom on the planet would like to head to a famous thermal shower in Budapest, in order to stay down in a sauna or relax into the water that is hot? It seems terrible, does not it?

Budapest Budapest at evening Gellert Thermal Bath in Budapest

2) Reasons to never ever see Hungary – Its countryside is simply as unsightly as the capital…

After all those “cute small houses” and boring historical buildings… whom would ever wish to see those? Additionally the dull horse shows when you look at the Hungarian Puszta. They generate me personally unwell!

3) reasons to visit Hungary – never The food is… inedible

And so they look disgusting too…Why would anybody wish to consume food that seems like these? Why could you would you like to consume a thing that’s called a ‘chimney cake’ or ‘bird’s milk’??

‘Langos’ Madartej (‘Bird’s milk’) Chimney dessert

4) reasons to visit Hungary – never Hungarian culture is dull and nasty

All of the silly embroidered garments, the Hungarian that is ridiculous folk, as well as the music…. You are warned by me! Don’t ever pay attention to Hungarian folk vocalists, such as Marta Sebestyen! You don’t wish your ears to bleed, can you?

Hungarian folk dance

5) reasons why you should never ever see Hungary – There is absolutly no pure beauty in Hungary

There are not any areas that you’d enjoy walking in, no woodlands where you can benefit from the silence and outdoors, no panoramic views, no pretty lakes, no huge plains, no hills… absolutely nothing!!

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Margaret Island (Margitsziget) Turquoise pond in Szilvasvarad

6) reasons to visit Hungary – never It’s low priced…

I mean, we know that everything that’s cpeah is inferior too. Don’t you agree? If We go to a nation, i wish to invest all my cash on meals, accommodation, transport and solutions. We don’t want to get during the final end of my journey that We continue to have money kept.

7) reasons why you should never ever go to Hungary – Hungarian guys are ugly….

You can find blond guys, brunette guys, black guys being haired dudes with and without beards, high dudes, brief dudes, very long haired guys, brief haired dudes, bald guys, elegant dudes, sporty guys… Why couldn’t they simply stay glued to one appearance? They won’t be made by this diversity any prettier, that’s for certain!

Hungarian model, Mate Szita (picture by Laszlo Zsigmond. Supply)

8) reasons why you should never ever see Hungary – And allows not really point out women…

After all you would not find a good looking woman in Hungary… never ever…. Like ever. No!

Hungarian model, Barbara Palvin (supply)

I really hope that this list has convinced you that Hungary a nation you ought to never ever check out and also you should truly erase it from your own bucket list (but I’m guessing it absolutely was never ever onto it anyway…).

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